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    Hunan Lijie Biochemical Co., Ltd. (Lijie) is specialized in the production and research of antibacterial, mildewcide, and preservative products. The company,based in Changsha High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Hunan Province, was founded in 2000, and has two wholly-owned subsidiaries. Lijie has established strong R&D capacity through the years. It has employed a lot of professors and senior engineers in its R&D team, in which, the research talents has doctor or master degree or above are accounted for more than 20%. Lijie also has a full-functional technology center at provincial level, which has established long-term strategic relationships with many domestic universities and institutes. The company pays close attention to innovation capacity, and has made great achievements in the development of environment friendly chemical processes and resource saving technologies. Lijie has applied for about 20 patents, 15 of which have been authorized. Lijie’s products, including Chloroxylenol (PCMX), Triclocarban (TCC), PHMG and Zinc Pyrithione(ZPT), have been supplied to many international companies in the world top 500, such as P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, SC Johnson and so on. The quality of the products and the management system enjoys a good reputation in our customers.

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